Blinken provides forceful US criticism of Israel’s actions in Gaza conflict

Secretary of State Antony Blinken criticized Israel’s conduct in the war in Gaza, stating that Israeli tactics have led to a “horrible loss of life of innocent civilians” without effectively neutralizing Hamas leaders and fighters. He emphasized that the United States believes Israeli forces should “get out of Gaza” but also expects credible plans for security and governance in the territory post-war.

In interviews on TV, Blinken highlighted the reemergence of Hamas in parts of Gaza and the risk of an enduring insurgency if Israeli forces continue heavy action in the southern city of Rafah. He expressed disappointment in the lack of credible plans from Israel for security, governance, and rebuilding in Gaza, despite efforts by the United States and other countries to develop such plans.

Blinken warned against the potential harm to civilians in Rafah and the risk of a vacuum filled by chaos or Hamas if Israel’s military operation persists. He stressed the need for a better approach to achieving enduring security in the region.

Additionally, Blinken referenced a recent Biden administration report to Congress that suggested Israel’s use of U.S.-provided weapons in Gaza may have violated international humanitarian law. He acknowledged concerns about civilian casualties and the need for adherence to international norms in conflict situations.

The ongoing conflict in Gaza, the impact on civilians, and the diplomatic tensions between the U.S. and Israel were highlighted by Blinken’s remarks. The issue of U.S. support for Israel, as well as Biden’s stance on providing weapons for potential assaults in Rafah, could have significant implications for future relations and international perceptions.

Blinken’s appearances on CBS’ “Face the Nation” and NBC’s “Meet the Press” underscored the gravity of the situation in Gaza and the importance of finding a sustainable solution to address security concerns and prevent further civilian casualties.

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