Biden to announce approval of over 1 million toxic exposure claims under new veterans law

President Joe Biden is taking his message of legislative accomplishments on the road, with a visit to New Hampshire to highlight the impact of a law that helps veterans receive benefits for burn pit or toxic exposure during their service. Since Biden signed the PACT Act into law in August 2022, over 1 million claims have been granted to veterans, totaling $5.7 billion in benefits for about 888,000 veterans and survivors across all 50 states.

This law, while not as high-profile as some of Biden’s other legislative wins, is deeply personal for the President. Biden has spoken about the impact of burn pits on his own family, as his son Beau passed away from brain cancer that was potentially linked to his service in Iraq. The PACT Act aims to make it easier for veterans to receive disability benefits for illnesses related to burn pit exposure, by requiring the VA to assume a connection for certain respiratory illnesses and cancers without the need for veterans to prove the link.

Veterans Affairs Secretary Denis McDonough emphasized the importance of this law in ensuring that veterans who have served our country do not have to fight for the care they deserve. The PACT Act represents a significant step forward in supporting veterans and addressing the health issues they may face due to their service. Biden’s visit to New Hampshire will underscore the impact of this legislation and the administration’s commitment to supporting those who have sacrificed for our nation.

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