Biden refuses to participate in any more debates with Trump

Biden refuses to participate in any more debates with Trump

The Biden campaign has rejected two additional debates proposed by the Trump campaign, sparking a debate about debates between the two camps. One of the proposed debates was a presidential debate hosted by NBC News and Telemundo, while the other was a vice presidential debate hosted by Fox News at Virginia State University, a historically Black college.

In response to the rejection, Trump took to Truth Social to announce his acceptance of the debates, emphasizing the importance of reaching out to Hispanic voters who have been adversely affected by Biden’s policies. The Trump campaign criticized Biden for avoiding the opportunity to defend his record in front of the Hispanic community.

The Trump and Biden campaigns have bypassed the traditional process run by the Commission on Presidential Debates and agreed to two presidential debates, one hosted by CNN and another by ABC News. The Biden campaign has also accepted an offer for a vice presidential debate hosted by CBS News, while the Trump campaign has yet to confirm its participation in that debate.

The Biden campaign has indicated that it is open to the possibility of partnering with Spanish-language channels like Telemundo or Univision for the presidential debates. CNN has announced that there will be no studio audience at its debate, and both candidates will have to meet certain requirements to appear on stage, including being on the ballot in enough states to reach at least 270 electoral votes.

The debates between the two candidates came together quickly after informal conversations between the Republican and Democratic challengers. Biden expressed his willingness to debate Trump in a radio interview with Howard Stern, leading to the swift agreement on the terms of the debates.

The Biden campaign has emphasized that there will be no more debate about debates, and both candidates are expected to face off in the scheduled debates. The rejection of additional debates by the Biden campaign has sparked controversy and raised questions about the candidates’ strategies for reaching out to different demographic groups.

Overall, the refusal of additional debates by the Biden campaign has set the stage for a showdown between the two candidates in the upcoming scheduled debates, with both camps preparing to make their case to the American public.