Ben Carson breaks from Trump, urges national abortion ban

In a recent development, Ben Carson, a potential running mate for former President Donald Trump, has released a new book advocating for a federal ban on abortion. This stance sets him apart from Trump, whose current position favors leaving abortion policy to individual states. Carson’s book, titled “The Perilous Fight,” emphasizes the need for legislation that protects the right to life for all American citizens, including those still in the womb.

Carson, a noted pediatric neurosurgeon who served as the secretary of housing and urban development under Trump’s administration, believes that bold legislative action is required to save unborn human lives. He asserts that Americans must be vocal in advocating for the protection of these vulnerable individuals, who are relying on societal support for their survival.

Trump’s shifting stance on abortion, as highlighted in a recent video release, has stirred debate within the Republican party and raised questions about the future of abortion policy in the United States. While Trump has expressed his belief that states should determine abortion laws through legislative processes, Carson’s unwavering conservative values call for a national ban on abortion.

In addition to his stance on abortion, Carson’s book addresses broader conservative principles, including the importance of traditional family structures and the role of men in leadership within families. He also discusses the Israel-Hamas conflict, drawing parallels between the coordinated attacks on Israel and the perceived assault on American families by internal and external forces.

Carson’s views on abortion have been consistent throughout his political career, with his previous statements likening abortion to slavery and expressing opposition to exceptions for rape and incest cases. His new book expands on these beliefs by advocating for cuts to federal assistance for single mothers, citing concerns about dependency and incentivizing non-traditional family structures.

As the Trump campaign navigates the selection process for a running mate, the issue of abortion looms large as a consideration. Sources close to Trump have indicated that the Democratic group EMILY’s List plans to scrutinize his pick for running mate based on their stance on abortion, framing the issue as one of extremism.

Overall, Carson’s call for a federal ban on abortion and his conservative values are likely to shape the ongoing discourse surrounding reproductive rights and family policy in the United States. The intersection of these issues with the political landscape underscores the importance of understanding and evaluating the perspectives of key figures like Carson and Trump in shaping the future of abortion policy.

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