Beckham exchanges beekeeping tips with the King

David Beckham has stated that he exchanged “beekeeping tips” with King Charles during a recent meeting.
The former captain of the England team said that the duo met at the monarch’s residence in Highgrove, Gloucestershire, to discuss the work of the King’s Foundation.
Beckham has been named an ambassador of the charitable foundation to help promote its work.
He declared that he was “excited” to take on this role, and added: “I am particularly looking forward to supporting the foundation’s educational programs and its efforts to ensure that young people have better access to nature.”
The photographs released to mark the announcement show Beckham with the King at the doorstep of Highgrove.
He is also seen demonstrating his carpentry skills with the foundation’s students at the Snowdon School of Furniture, which is part of the King’s Foundation.
The former footballer, who has four children with ex-Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, stated that he has always had the desire to help young people “expand their horizons.”
He added: “Having developed a love for the countryside, I am also on a personal mission to learn more about rural skills, which are fundamental to the foundation’s work.
“It was inspiring to hear the King speak about the work of His Majesty’s foundation during my recent visit to the Highgrove gardens – and to compare our beekeeping tips!”
Beckham’s passion for beekeeping was shown in the recent Netflix documentary about the footballer, where he is seen walking in full beekeeping attire towards his hives.
He has also uploaded videos and posts on Instagram of him working on the hives.z z z z z z z z z z
The King has recently resumed his public duties after being diagnosed with cancer earlier this year.
His return to duties was confirmed in April.
The King’s Foundation, formerly the Prince’s Foundation, was created by the King when he was Prince of Wales.
The foundation runs educational and training programs, while also aiming to revitalize communities through urban regeneration and planning, and to support sustainability.

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