BBC sports presenter Rob Bonnet to step down following 2024 Olympics

BBC presenter Rob Bonnet has announced his retirement after a long and successful career at the organisation. Bonnet, who has been with the BBC since 1977, is best known for his sports presenting on BBC Radio 4’s Today program. The 71-year-old will be retiring after the Olympic Games this summer.

During his time at the BBC, Bonnet has covered many important stories, met countless outstanding sportsmen and women, formed many friendships, and visited numerous events all over the world. His first role at the BBC was as a station assistant at BBC Radio Brighton, but he quickly rose through the ranks to become a sports presenter and sports correspondent on television.

One of Bonnet’s career highlights was winning an RTS award on behalf of the Nine O’Clock News for coverage of the International Olympic Committee’s awarding of the 2000 Olympic Games to Sydney. In 1995, he joined BBC Breakfast as a sports presenter and also hosted the sports interview program ‘Extra Time’ on BBC World TV.

Owenna Griffiths, the editor of the Today program, praised Bonnet’s contributions, saying he “will be missed.” BBC Sport’s head of journalism, Steve Mawhinney, also commended Bonnet for his inquisitiveness, insight, and authority, which have helped inform and engage audiences from local to global, across TV and radio platforms.

As Bonnet prepares to step down from his role, he leaves behind a lasting legacy of excellence in sports journalism and a reputation as a respected and beloved figure in the industry. His retirement marks the end of an era at the BBC, but his impact and contributions will not be forgotten.

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