Autocar Reviews the Maserati Granturismo and Grancabrio

Autocar Reviews the Maserati Granturismo and Grancabrio

Maserati has taken a bold step into the electric vehicle market with the introduction of the Folgore, a sleek and powerful electric grand tourer. With its T-shaped battery layout and three motors, the Folgore offers an innovative design that maximizes space and performance.

The Folgore’s 83kWh battery may seem somewhat last-generation compared to other electric vehicles on the market, but Maserati assures us that its 800V electrical system allows for fast charging speeds of up to 270kW. This means that a 20-80% charge can be achieved in just 18 minutes, making it a convenient option for those on the go.

Despite its hefty weight of 2260kg for the hard-top version, the Folgore’s advanced suspension system with double-wishbone front and five-link rear setup, along with height-adjustable air springs, provide a smooth and stable ride. The addition of aluminium in the structure helps to maintain stiffness, ensuring a dynamic driving experience.

Under the hood of the Trofeo petrol model lies a powerful V6 engine from the Maserati MC20 supercar, delivering an impressive 542bhp and 479lb ft of torque. Paired with a ZF eight-speed automatic gearbox and a four-wheel drive system with torque vectoring, the Trofeo offers a thrilling and responsive driving experience.

In comparison, the Folgore pushes the boundaries with three motors, allowing for a theoretical maximum of over 1200bhp. While the battery technology currently limits the power output to 751bhp, the Folgore still delivers impressive performance with up to 100% torque to the rear wheels and 50% to the front.

Overall, Maserati’s foray into the electric vehicle market with the Folgore demonstrates their commitment to innovation and performance. With its cutting-edge design, advanced technology, and powerful performance, the Folgore is sure to make an impact in the world of electric grand tourers.