Author: Leyton Warren

States are beginning to reform how they handle foster children’s federal benefits, after decades of taking them.

The story of Jesse Fernandez, a young man who aged out of the foster care system only to find that the Social Security survivor’s benefits from his deceased mother had all been used up, sheds light on a longstanding practice in many states. For years, states have been applying for and using these benefits on […]

Indian Players to Depart for New York on May 25 for T20 World Cup

The Indian cricket team is gearing up for the upcoming ICC T20 World Cup 2024, with the players and support staff set to depart for New York on May 25. The team, led by skipper Rohit Sharma and vice-captain Hardik Pandya, will be flying out after the IPL final on May 26. Initially, the plan […]

A Brief Overview of Diddy’s Controversial Past and Allegations

Sean “Diddy” Combs: A History of Controversy and Allegations Sean “Diddy” Combs, once known as the music mogul and entrepreneur, has been embroiled in a slew of controversies and allegations over the years. From lawsuits to violent encounters, Combs has faced numerous accusations, some of which date back to the Nineties. Let’s take a closer […]

Tory peer Lord Ranger may be banned from Parliament for drunken outburst

Lord Ranger, a former director for transport policy under Boris Johnson, has been embroiled in controversy after a report detailing his aggressive behavior towards a group of individuals. The report stated that Lord Ranger had “acted aggressively, shouting and swearing”, while also calling the group “useless” and invading their personal space. Lord Ranger did not […]

Young women from a Rio favela aspire to overcome violence and represent their community in the Women’s World Cup 2027

Title: Dreams and Challenges: A Teenager’s Journey from Favela to Women’s World Cup A 20-minute drive separates the historic Maracana Stadium from the Complexo do Alemao, one of Rio de Janeiro’s most impoverished and violent favelas. In this community lives 15-year-old soccer player Kaylane Alves dos Santos, whose dreams of playing for Brazil in the […]

OpenAI disbands Superalignment AI safety team

OpenAI Disbands Long-Term Risks Team: What This Means for the Future of AI OpenAI recently disbanded its team focused on the long-term risks of artificial intelligence, just one year after the team was announced. This news comes on the heels of both team leaders, OpenAI co-founder Ilya Sutskever and Jan Leike, announcing their departures from […]

State Department Warns of Safety Concerns for Pride Month Travel

The federal government is urging caution and alertness in popular tourist spots worldwide, specifically warning LGBTQI+ travelers of potential threats of violence. The U.S. State Department issued a security alert on Friday, highlighting the possibility of terrorist attacks, demonstrations, or violent actions targeting American citizens. The department specifically mentioned Pride celebrations and venues frequented by […]

Kia Australia to continue offering manual transmissions: No plans to discontinue them

Kia Australia Plans to Continue Offering Manual Transmissions Despite Changes to Kia Stonic Lineup Kia Australia is standing firm in its commitment to providing manual transmissions in its lineup, even as it prepares to phase out the manual variants of the Kia Stonic city SUV. The decision to axe the most affordable manual options for […]

Councils Failing to Meet Deadlines for Education Plans for Children with Complex Needs

Sarah Kilgariff, a mother residing near Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, has been facing a harrowing ordeal while trying to secure an Education, Health, and Care Plan (EHCP) for her son, Freddie. Last July, the five-year-old experienced a stroke as a complication from chickenpox, leading to a myriad of challenges for both him and his family. Since the […]

Bridesmaid Reveals She’s Going into Debt to Spend $3,200 on Friend’s Wedding

Attending a wedding these days can be a costly affair, with expenses adding up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars for guests and bridal party members alike. A study by The Knot found that wedding guests in 2023 spent an average of $580 to attend a wedding, while a 2019 study revealed that a […]

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