Author: Leyton Warren

From Moderating the R/Ukraine Subreddit to Being Called to Fight

The Rise of a Reddit Moderator Turned Soldier: Mykola Sokalskii’s Journey Mykola Sokalskii, a 39-year-old film producer from Kyiv, never imagined that his role as a Reddit moderator would lead him to the front lines of the war against Russia. In 2020, as the pandemic forced the world into lockdown, Sokalskii took to live-streaming on […]

Julia Fox Discusses Her Choice to Remain Celibate for More than 2 Years

Julia Fox Reveals Why She’s Been Celibate for Over 2 Years Julia Fox, the actress and model, recently opened up about her decision to practice celibacy for over 2 years. In an interview on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, Fox explained that her celibacy is a personal form of protest against the reversal […]

The Most Up-to-Date Information on Russia and the Conflict in Ukraine

1. **Russia arrests former army commander on suspicion of fraud** Russian Major General Ivan Popov, the former commander of Russia’s 58th Army, was recently arrested on suspicion of large-scale fraud, according to reports from TASS news agency. Popov, who had previously spoken out about the challenges faced by his troops on the battlefield in Ukraine, […]

2022 sees Georgia QB Jaden Rashada taking legal action against Florida coach Billy Napier and booster for failed NIL deal.

New Georgia quarterback Jaden Rashada has recently made headlines for filing a lawsuit against Florida coach Billy Napier and a Gators booster over the dissolution of an NIL deal that ultimately led to his decommitment from the school. Rashada, who transferred to Georgia from Arizona State in April, originally signed with Florida in December of […]

Companies like Google, Meta, OpenAI commit to developing AI responsibly as Seoul AI summit begins

Artificial Intelligence Companies Pledge to Develop Technology Safely SEOUL, South Korea — The world’s leading artificial intelligence companies pledged at the start of a mini summit on AI to develop the technology safely, including pulling the plug if they can’t rein in the most extreme risks. World leaders are expected to hammer out further agreements […]

The debut of the Jeep Avenger 4xe set for May 22

Jeep is set to unveil the Avenger 4xe, the first all-wheel-drive version of the Avenger subcompact crossover sold overseas. The 4xe designation is used by Jeep for electrified models with all-wheel drive, with current versions of the Wrangler and Grand Cherokee already equipped with plug-in hybrid powertrains. The Avenger initially debuted in 2022 as Jeep’s […]

Biden to announce approval of over 1 million toxic exposure claims under new veterans law

President Joe Biden is taking his message of legislative accomplishments on the road, with a visit to New Hampshire to highlight the impact of a law that helps veterans receive benefits for burn pit or toxic exposure during their service. Since Biden signed the PACT Act into law in August 2022, over 1 million claims […]

Tamil Nadu: Can AI rescue elephants dying on rail tracks?

In a groundbreaking initiative to protect elephants in India, project manager Ashish Rajput has implemented an innovative AI system along railway lines. The system, equipped with cameras akin to those used by the Indian Army along the nation’s borders, is capable of detecting humans near the tracks and, most importantly, elephants within 100 feet of […]

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