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Radeon 890M Performance Nears GeForce RTX 2050 Levels

New leaks have emerged regarding the performance of AMD’s Radeon 890M integrated GPU (iGPU). According to the well-known Chinese leaker “Golden Pig,” the GPU’s performance and expectations for the high-end AMD Ryzen AI 9 300 APU are revealed. This information reportedly comes from anonymous sources within MSI, detailing the expected CPU and GPU performance of […]

Sony Selects Barcelona for New European AI Development Center

Sony AI, a division of Sony Research and a subsidiary of the Japanese multinational Sony Group Corporation, has announced the opening of a new artificial intelligence (AI) development center in Barcelona, marking its second such facility in Europe. The Generalitat of Catalonia confirmed that the company has received support from the agency for business competitiveness, […]

HP OmniBook X AI Computers Launching in July with Up to 26 Hours of Battery Life

HP has unveiled a new generation of AI-powered computers, optimized to enhance AI experiences and boasting a battery life of up to 26 hours. These new PCs, the HP OmniBook X and HP EliteBook Ultra, are set to launch in July, starting at €1,299. Designed for “tech-savvy professionals and freelancers,” these models utilize AI to […]

Samsung’s Galaxy AI Breaks Communication Barriers

Santo Domingo – Samsung has developed Galaxy AI, an artificial intelligence technology designed to simplify people’s lives by allowing them to focus on essential activities both at home and at work. Tools such as Simultaneous Translation, Interpreter, Transcription Assistant, and Notes Assistant are among the features offered by Galaxy AI, transforming the routine of work […]

HONOR’s AI Strategy: A Four-Layer Architecture with Google Cloud

HONOR plans to integrate cutting-edge Gen-AI experiences, powered by Google Cloud, into its upcoming smartphones. Global tech brand HONOR made its debut at VivaTech, one of Europe’s largest technology and innovation events. During their keynote speech, the company unveiled its pioneering four-layer Artificial Intelligence (AI) strategy and announced upcoming Gen-AI experiences with Google Cloud, set […]

Interested in Programming with LlaMA 2 and 3? Meta Offers This Free Course to Learn the Basics

With this course, you can learn the fundamental aspects of the LlaMA 2 AI model and the newly updated LlaMA 3. One of the main barriers to learning programming often lies in the variety of programming languages and models that exist, especially in the realm of Artificial Intelligence. LlaMA 2 and LlaMA 3, for example, […]

Innovations in life insurance: How technology is shaping the financial future

Today, technology is driving significant changes in various industries, and the life insurance sector is no exception. Companies like FWU are leading the way, leveraging technology to invest money in adaptive and personalized products like never before. But how is technology really changing this sector? Analysis of the latest technological trends in insurance Modern technology […]

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