Australian Tesla Supercharger Construction to Proceed, Long-Term Expansion Uncertain

The future of Tesla’s Supercharger network in Australia remains uncertain, as reports emerge of the halt in expansion and the dismissal of the global team behind it. Despite this, Tesla reassured local customers that construction of certain new Supercharger locations will continue in Australia. Projects currently in construction are still being completed and put into operation, according to an email seen by Drive.

However, the email did not provide clarity on whether future projects not already under construction will ever come to fruition. This uncertainty follows a report from technology website EFTM, which claimed that a business in Victoria had been advised that four planned Tesla Supercharger stations in its car park would not proceed.

Tesla Australia emphasized that the Supercharger network remains core to the company’s mission of accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy. The company highlighted its focus on customer experience for charging, competitive pricing, and investing in the charging experience holistically. Despite recent reports of layoffs in the Supercharger team, Tesla CEO Elon Musk stated that the company still plans to grow the Supercharger network, albeit at a slower pace for new locations.

The move to lay off the Supercharger team has raised questions about the long-term future of the network and its potential expansion beyond sites already under construction. Industry analysts were surprised by the decision, considering the Supercharger network is a key asset and a potential source of revenue for Tesla, especially as it opens up to electric cars from other brands globally.

In North America, most car makers have announced plans to adopt the charging protocol used on US-market Teslas to streamline access to the Supercharger network. Tesla’s response to queries about the Supercharger network typically comes in the form of emails to customers or posts by Elon Musk on social media platforms like X.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding the long-term expansion of the Supercharger network in Australia, Tesla remains committed to providing a seamless charging experience for its customers. The company’s decision to continue construction of certain new Supercharger locations reflects its dedication to sustainable energy and enhancing the overall customer experience.

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