Australia issues recall for Lamborghini Urus

Australia issues recall for Lamborghini Urus

Lamborghini has issued a recall for 94 Uru SUVs due to a potential fault in the bonnet latch system that could cause it to fail while driving. This could lead to the bonnet flying open or detaching from the vehicle, posing a safety risk to road users and bystanders.

The affected vehicles are the Performante and S variants, although the specific model year has not been specified in the recall notice. If the hood latch striker rivet studs were assembled with insufficient deformation, it could create gaps between the hood and front bumper, potentially leading to latch system failure.

The recall notice was lodged on 12 June 2024, and owners of the affected vehicles are urged to contact their authorized Lamborghini dealer for a free replacement of the latch striker rivet studs. A list of vehicle identification numbers for the impacted vehicles can be found on the official recall notice.

To ensure the safety of your vehicle, it is recommended to visit your nearest Lamborghini dealership for the necessary replacement. Further updates on the recall will be provided as more information becomes available.

In conclusion, the safety of drivers and pedestrians is paramount, and Lamborghini is taking proactive measures to address any potential safety issues with the Uru SUV. It is essential for affected owners to act promptly and have their vehicles checked to prevent any accidents or injuries. Stay informed and stay safe on the roads.