Assistance Needed: The Unexpected Friendship of William Hanson and Jordan North After an Accidental Sext with Their Boss

Two friends have found success by taking an unconventional approach to podcasting, focusing on etiquette and self-respect in the modern age. Hosts William Hanson and Jordan North bring their unique blend of humor and charm to their show, “Help I Sexted My Boss Live,” which has garnered a loyal following.

In a recent interview, the duo discussed how their friendship has only grown stronger through their partnership. Despite their differing personalities, they have learned valuable lessons from each other. North credits Hanson with teaching him valuable skills, such as proper handshakes and the importance of eye contact, while Hanson acknowledges North’s influence in helping him become more easy-going and open-minded.

Their podcast, which tackles everything from modern dating dilemmas to workplace etiquette, has resonated with a younger audience. Hanson notes that Gen Z is more socially liberal and relaxed, making their approach to etiquette more about respecting others and oneself rather than rigid rules.

Their success has led to a live show that will be touring cinemas across the UK, Ireland, and select European cities. Fans can expect a night of laughs and valuable insights from the dynamic duo as they bring their podcast to life on stage.

Overall, William Hanson and Jordan North’s unique approach to podcasting serves as a reminder that manners and self-respect never go out of style. Their friendship and willingness to learn from one another have not only made them successful podcast hosts but also role models for their listeners.

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