Aerospace firms seek government support as India increases plane orders | India News

The Indian aerospace industry is experiencing a significant boost in orders from domestic airlines, driving growth for local manufacturers and attracting the attention of international giants like Airbus and Boeing. According to a report by The Economic Times, homegrown companies are now looking to capitalize on this surge in orders and are seeking governmental support to further facilitate their expansion.

Aravind Melligeri, chairman of Aequs Aerospace, a key supplier to Airbus, emphasized the importance of aligning procurement with order volumes to ensure a fair distribution of business. He pointed out that as Indian airlines continue to increase their order books, local suppliers should also benefit from this growth. With IndiGo, Air India, and Akasa currently holding nearly 1,700 aircraft orders, which are expected to rise to around 2,000 by March 2025, there is ample opportunity for Indian manufacturers to capitalize on this momentum.

Melligeri noted that Aequs has seen a significant increase in fresh contracts as suppliers in other regions struggle to meet the growing demand. This has resulted in a boost in revenue for the company, which achieved Rs 1,000 crore in FY23. He also highlighted the need for a policy push by the government to promote ‘Make in India’ in the aerospace sector, citing examples from other countries that mandate local manufacturing to boost their industry.

The surge in orders has not gone unnoticed by global aerospace suppliers, with Airbus in particular deepening its ties with Indian partners and increasing its activities in the country. Airbus CEO Guillaume Faury has highlighted India’s significance in terms of sourcing and manpower, with plans to have around 5,000 employees in India by 2025. The company is also partnering with the Tata Group to establish a final assembly line for civil helicopters in India.

Dynamatic Technologies, another key player in the Indian aerospace industry, recently secured a contract from Airbus to manufacture aircraft doors for the A220 family of aircraft. CEO Udayant Malhoutra emphasized India’s advantage as a preferred destination for global manufacturers due to its skilled engineering workforce. He highlighted the immense potential presented by India’s young and skilled workforce, stating that the country is a massive opportunity for growth in the aerospace sector.

Overall, the surge in orders from Indian airlines is not only driving growth for local aerospace manufacturers but also attracting the attention of international players looking to source from India. With the right policy support from the government, the Indian aerospace industry is poised for further expansion and success in the global market.

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